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Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) introduced the L200H High-Lift

And as one of its first customers, the Austrian Hasslacher Group believes it raises the bar on logging productivity.

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) introduced the L200H High-Lift

The advantages of the new Volvo L200H High-Lift wheel loader are evident. Compared to its predecessor, the L180H High-Lift, the new kid on the block offers not only larger grapples in a variety of sizes, but also a 27 percent increase in lifting capacity – taking if from 8.8 tons to 11.2 tons.

It also benefits from the addition of proven technologies such as OptiShift, Reverse-By-Braking (RBB) function and torque converter with lock-up, to also improve fuel efficiency. Finally, in designing the L200H High-Lift, Volvo CE was also able to draw on half a century of experience. After all, the Swedes revolutionized timber handling back in 1974 by introducing the first high-lift wheel loader.

Raising the bar on productivity
The Hasslacher Group, founded in 1901 by Jakob Hasslacher, is a professional wood processing enterprise. With 11 locations and around 2,000 employees, it specializes in refining raw material wood through innovative techniques for modern timber construction.

The company is also proud to generate more energy from renewable sources than is consumed in production. This is largely thanks to several photovoltaic-powered plants, a small hydroelectric power plant and the company's own biomass power plants. The Hasslacher Group converts more than 730,000 tons of biomass alone into sustainable energy every year. In addition, the energy it produces is fed into the public power grid as green electricity and supplies the local district heating network of Möllbrücke and Sachsenburg in Carinthia.

The new L200H High-Lift is now playing a key role in its operations at one of its sawmills.

"The Volvo L200H High-Life runs at the front of our feed, where the delivered logs are transported to the plant. During a normal operation, 4,000 cubic meters are moved to the plant every day with this machine," says Gerhard Thurner, High-Lift Operator at Hasslacher Drauland Holzindustrie GmbH.

High levels of comfort and safety
The Hasslacher Group is capable of fulfilling almost any customer demand thanks to its position as a total solution provider. It is a supplier of cross-laminated timber, glulam and laminated timber, solid structural timber, planed timber, pallets, formwork panels or pellets.

Thurner emphasizes that a major advantage of the new L200H High Lift, is that the new grapple pick-up and rotator with integrated damping system ensures a smooth operation. He says: "The tongs hardly swing at all during travel. In addition, the collision mitigation system provides more safety and comfort."

Michael Fercher, Head of Project Management & HSE of Hasslacher Holding GmbH agrees, adding: "We choose the L200H because it has a higher payload and ensures a larger reserve for us, combined with a long service life. More than that, an important safety issue at the log yard is also obstacle detection with automatic brake intervention, so we are happy that the L200H High-Lift provides that extra safety system.”

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) introduced the L200H High-Lift

The system in question is called the Collision Mitigation System (CMS) and has been available as an option on wheel loaders since the beginning of 2023. In the event of obstacles when driving in reverse, the CMS sounds an alarm and automatically applies the service brake if necessary.

Braking performance needs to be top-notch, especially in a timber yard. That is also why the L200H High-Lift has an external axle oil cooling system that protects the axles and brakes, thereby increasing its service life. Special axle oil filters also extend the oil change interval to 4,000 hours, or 18 months.

Technology and service in harmony
"The machine has excellent stability and our operators are really happy with it,” adds Fercher. “The full LED lighting is also a top feature, which benefits us especially in multi-shift operation. The Hasslacher Group and Volvo CE have enjoyed a great cooperation for many years. The fact that we are very satisfied with the quality of the machines is one thing. But of course, it's also about support and service quality, and this is where Ascendum supports us really well."

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