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Develon brothers DX1000LC-7, DX800LC-7, and DX490LC-7 Working Together in Estonia Quarry

When we talk about quarry applications, we think first about productivity and TCO (total cost of ownership).

Develon brothers DX1000LC-7, DX800LC-7, and DX490LC-7 Working Together in Estonia Quarry

Less than a year after its start-up, on the 31st of January 2023, our Develon DX1000LC-7 in a quarry in Estonia has run up no less than 5400 hours on the clock, without any technical problems. But even more impressive than the total number of hours, it is the fuel consumption that is outstanding. This 100t excavator has achieved an average fuel consumption of only 40l/h with peaks at 45l/h, in a direct extraction application, or after ripping the ground with a 100t bulldozer.

In this same quarry, the DX1000LC-7 (100t) is working side by side with DX490LC-7 (50t) and DX800LC-7 (80t) excavators.

The DX800LC-7 has also worked an impressive number of hours - it has been used for 11,600 hours, sometimes with a bucket, and sometimes with a hydraulic eccentric ripper. Not to be outdone, the DX490LC-7 is working 100% with a hydraulic breaker, with not a problem in sight after more than 10,000 hours of operation with the hammer, which is one of the most severe applications that exist in this market.

With such a trio of machines, which between them total more than 25,000 hours of operation, without any technical problems, we can proudly announce that Develon is a reliable quarry partner, with productive, solid, and above all very fuel-efficient equipment.

Quick summary

DX1000LC-7 with a 6.5m3 bucket

5400h in 11.5 months, average fuel consumption of 40l/h and maximum peak consumption of 45l/h

DX800LC-7 with a 4.5m3 bucket
11,600h in just over 2 years, with an average consumption of 32l/h and a maximum peak consumption of 37l/h

DX490LC-7 equipped with direct-mount hydraulic breaker
10,100h in just over 2 years, with an average consumption of 19l/h and a maximum peak consumption of 24l/h. The most important thing to note in this case is the total absence of damage even after 10,000 hours of work with a hammer

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