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Parker releases robust connector system Universal Push-to-Connect that offers time and cost savings

Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, has launched its robust Universal Push-to-Connect (UPTC) connector system.

Parker releases robust connector system Universal Push-to-Connect that offers time and cost savings

Designed for tube and pipe connections, this new system is suitable for use in a number of applications. These include cases where conventional connections might fail; either due to high pressure levels and heavy vibrations, where installation conditions are rather cramped, or where assembly needs to be performed fast.

The UPTC connector system can be combined with all 24° screw fittings as per ISO 8434-1. Parker can provide prefabricated tubes and preformed pipes on request.

UPTC assembly is surprisingly quick and easy. It is simply a case of lining up the end of the pipe or tube with the system nut and plugging it in. As soon as the stainless steel retaining clip locks in place, the connection is secure and able to resist vibrations. Even after long periods of use where lots of dirt has accumulated, the system nut can be released again without having to use special tools. The nut has a corrosion-resistant Cr(VI)-free finish, is available in sizes 6–22 mm, and is designed for a nominal pressure of up to 400 bar.

The user can look at the marking to check whether the connection has been correctly assembled. If the marking is inside the nut, this clearly indicates the connection has been properly assembled and is leak-proof. The time saved in terms of assembly is a big advantage, especially where work has to be carried out in places that are difficult to access or where time is short (for example, at a conveyor belt).

Parker’s Universal Push-to-Connect System offers great protection against dirt when working outside. Coupled with its vibration-proof design, this connector system is therefore ideal for use in commercial vehicles or the hydraulic systems found in tractors. Universal Push-to-Connect is also suited for use in the construction of wind turbines and machine tools, where cramped installation conditions call for narrow connections that are easy to assemble.

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