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Komatsu delivers 2,000 “intelligent Machine Control” dozers and excavators in Europe

The 2,000th machine, a D71PXi-24 dozer was delivered to TRU Plant at Hillhead Fair.

In June, at the Hillhead fair in the UK, the 2000th Komatsu intelligent Machine Control (iMC) sale was delivered by Marubeni Komatsu Ltd., the Komatsu Distributor for the UK, to TRU Plant, a family business based in the South East of England, and a member of the TRU7 Group.

In Europe, the population of iMC machines now totals over 2,000 units, with more than 7 million customer operation hours. Launched in 2013, Komatsu’s factory integrated intelligent Machine Control is a proven, easy to use system, helping customers to deliver efficiencies every hour, every day.

Komatsu delivers 2,000 “intelligent Machine Control” dozers and excavators in Europe
MKL Salesman, Eamonn Delaney handing over the machine to Jake Nicholls of TRU Plant.

Rob Macintyre, iMC product manager at Komatsu says, “Feedback from operators across Europe is that Komatsu iMC features really complement their skill levels, allowing them to focus on being more productive. A new operator can quickly become an expert with iMC and deliver productivity, efficiency and cost saving gains. Feedback from customers tells us that it also makes highly experienced operators more relaxed and focused, as they don’t have to worry about over-digging or over-cutting, because the iMC system removes that risk.”

The fully factory integrated iMC system has been proven over millions of customer operation hours and is supported by a network of highly experienced, Komatsu distributor Technology Solutions Experts (TSEs). These machine control experts act as consultants in emerging technologies for Komatsu customers, providing them with advice and support in maximising the value from their investment.

Dan Smith, TSE at Marubeni Komatsu Ltd. said: “I’m very proud on both selling this 2000th machine to TRU Plant and also about the fact that we can collaborate with this customer and assist them in all their support and data needs”. He added: “We try to support the operators, the people in the office and indeed their clients on the jobsites to ensure the machines are working correctly and that they get the most out of them as well.”

Jake Nicholls, Managing Director at TRU 7 said: “It’s so much about the relation and the communication, and this is in a good place with Komatsu. The back -up is great. The intelligent dozers just make our life easier because everything is all built in. You simply have the computer to plug in, and that’s it.”

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