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Delivered as a complete and ready-made package, Cummins power units comprise a Stage V engine, exhaust aftertreatment system, radiator and cooling system – as well as auxiliaries such as mounting feet, hoses and an air cleaner.


Graham Cook, Regional Sales Leader – Off-Highway at Cummins, explains: “To complement our strong Performance Series Stage V engine range the power unit product makes our customers’ processes easier. This drop-in solution has been designed to increase machine capability, Cummins Performance Series power units will drive construction, quarrying and agriculture machinery operating in even the most arduous duty cycles, delivering increased performance with less maintenance and service intervals of up to 1,000 hours.”

Cummins Performance Series Stage V power units are available from 75 – 503kW (100 – 675hp). On display at CQMS (Zone 3A – Stand 02), the L9 power unit ranges from 206 - 321 kW (275 - 430 hp). The L9 like the other Power Units in the range are ideal for key applications such as crushers, screeners, drills, air compressors and concrete pumps and examples of installations to date include the Anaconda’s J12 and I12 crushing machines.

The L9 has an EGR-Free design, supported by Cummins Single ModuleTM aftertreatment and its higher NOx conversion capability. The lighter, smaller and simpler architecture of the aftertreatment system means that is easier to install, with fewer parts, higher reliability and can be provided mounted or unmounted depending on customer requirements. The engine is more compact with lower weight, less to cool and lower engineering cost for manufacturers.

To increase the flexibility and capability of the B6.7 and L9 power units have an integrated single and dual rear-engine power take-offs (REPTO). These are available on the base engines without the pack, as an example, fitted with the dual REPTO, the L9 will have a total drive capability of 560 Nm. This will make the engine capable of driving additional pumping capability through SAE B 2 and 4 bolt mounts. Integrated into the flywheel housing the dual REPTO is compact and has a minimal impact on engine packaging.

For equipment manufacturers, they have the ability to efficiently drive more from the engine without the need for additional aftermarket systems. This would support driving of hydraulic pumps for all sorts of machine functions from steering systems to fans, etc. It will reduce installation costs and complexity, for a more integrated solution.

Global Support in Over 190 Countries
Focusing on the customer through our global service network of over 500 distributor and 10,000 dealer locations, Cummins aims to keep sites running on time and on budget. Using the best tools with the most advanced technology, Cummins highly skilled service network is trained to help customers to deliver high equipment uptime as well as working to identify opportunities to improve product performance and offer the best total cost of ownership.

“Cummins has always been driven to meet customer requirements through its comprehensive, high-quality products and services that maximise uptime and deliver the lowest total cost of ownership for our customers” explains Patrick Deegan, Country Leader for Ireland – Cummins.

The reliability of the Cummins Performance Series products partnered with Cummins comprehensive service support that concentrates on delivering uptime, maintaining product performance and driving down the total cost of ownership. Focusing on delivering high-quality service support to our customers and working in partnership with equipment OEMs and dealers.

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Join the 155,000+ IMP followers