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Komatsu at Samoter 2023 

Komatsu Europe is pleased to confirm its participation in Samoter, Veronafiere's triennial international construction equipment exhibition, in Verona, Italy (3-7 May). A set of services will be presented at the Samoter Lab.

Komatsu at Samoter 2023

At the event, Komatsu will be present in 3 main areas: indoors in Hall 8 booth B2-C7, at the Samoter Lab in Hall 12, and at booth B3 and on the digital worksite.

Overall, 25 Komatsu utility and construction machines will be presented at the fair, with the hybrid HB365NLC-3 eco-friendly excavator a star of the show. The Komatsu Hybrid system has been helping to cut emissions on jobsites worldwide since 1999 and, in these times of growing environmental awareness, the benefits provided by Komatsu Hybrid excavators continue to help reduce the construction industry’s impact on the environment.

Several Komatsu “intelligent Machine Control” (iMC) machines will be displayed. Here, “intelligent” stands for “data connected”. That “i” connection helps operators and contractors by providing productivity-enhancing automation and cutting-edge job site design features.

A D71EXi-24 dozer and a PC210LCi-11 excavator will be shown operating in the digital worksite, and a PC290NLCi-11 and a GD675-7 with 3D Topcon will be showcased indoors. Hall 8 will also host the D51EX-24 dozer with a 3D Topcon system.

In the static area, a PC170 will grab the attention of experts in the field. It is regarded as a more than welcome new option to further increase machine versatility. There will also be the queen of wheel loaders, the WA475-10, showcased in its aggregate configuration with the new Submonitor.

The Submonitor creates a new interface for the operator to interact with the machine’s assist systems; that include an Extended Load-Pilot, a new Rear Supervision system with high-definition camera and rear radar obstacle detection, and an all new, performance boosting Efficiency Trainer module.

At the Samoter Lab, Komatsu will introduce its Smart Construction set of services. Smart Construction applies IoT tools, software technologies and data analytics to improve jobsite efficiency throughout the whole construction cycle. Its benefits will be explained, along with how they will make your business more profitable.

A PC138US-11 (Hall 8, booth B2-C7) will be presented with a Smart Construction retrofit kit, a new fast and cost-efficient tool introduced by Komatsu to enable your conventional machines to collect as-built and payload information.

The importance of Komtrax and Komtrax Plus will also be highlighted. Komtrax, Komatsu's state-of-the-art remote monitoring system, was launched in 2006 and today it delivers fast-track access to Industry 4.0 to all customers.

Komtrax ISO API (Application Programming Interface) is an ISO 15143-3 compliant server to server data transfer solution that lets your system access your Komtrax data directly. You can import your machine data into your own system, consolidate your fleet in a single platform and combine key Komtrax data with your existing data. Komatsu understands the value of Komtrax data for our customers, and how it helps our distributors to support them. Komatsu treat telematic data with great care and responsibility and is fully compliant with General Data Protection Regulation.

Customers will have plenty of reasons to visit Komatsu’s booth and experience the Komatsu way. We look forward to seeing you in Verona in May!

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