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First Time for DEVELON Brand in Italy at SaMoTer 2023

DEVELON, formerly known as Doosan Construction Equipment, is exhibiting for the first time in Italy at SaMoTer 2023 in Verona, the most important Italian event for the construction machinery sector.

First Time for DEVELON Brand in Italy at SaMoTer 2023

New DEVELON brand shows why it is ‘Powered by Innovation’

The name has changed but not the identity. DEVELON aims to reinforce its reputation as a leading company in the development of cutting-edge technological and construction site solutions that establish and develop ‘beyond’ the present. These are key concepts encapsulated in the new name DEVELON itself: combining ‘Develop’ and ‘Onwards’.

In recent years, the R&D teams at DEVELON have never ceased to amaze, under the motto ‘Powered by Innovation’. Many new technologies have been developed to expand the company’s Smart Solutions portfolio of intelligent construction equipment solutions.

These innovative solutions are on show in the Digital Construction Site (External ‘E’ Area), which sees the latest generation of DEVELON machines, equipment and technologies at work, including:

The Revolutionary Transparent Bucket

Among the many products that offer added value through innovation, the revolutionary and well-accepted Transparent Bucket has met with unprecedented success. It is a technology that DEVELON developed to improve visibility on site, effectively setting new safety standards that no one had thought of before. In fact, the technology represents the first safety system in the world (complete with a patent) which allows the operator to see ‘through the bucket’ on a wheel loader. It does this by making the bucket appear transparent, thanks to cameras mounted at the top and bottom at the front of the wheel loader, which record and combine real-time images on the monitor in the cab, using a curved projection method.

The innovative system, in addition to guaranteeing greater safety for the operator and for other workers on site, improves operational efficiency during loading/unloading operations and during the transport of materials. DEVELON is already working to further enrich the system in the near future with new artificial intelligence algorithms for the recognition of people and objects.

DL420CVT-7 Wheel Loader with Continuously Variable Transmission
In the demo area of the stand, the transparent bucket system can be seen mounted on the DL420CVT-7, a wheel loader with dual transmission, i.e. hydrostatic and mechanical at the same time. The DL420CVT-7 is equipped with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) which switches continuously from the hydrostatic drive to the mechanical drive as the speed increases and depending on the application-related requirements. The advantages that this system offers include, in particular, the excellent traction that a hydrostatic transmission offers and driving over longer distances with a direct mechanical transmission.

The complete driving range, forwards and in reverse, is controlled by the CVT system. Low engine speeds ensure a high efficiency and the highest driving comfort irrespective of the traction speed. The power splitting continuously variable technology facilitates moving off softly and hydraulically. Furthermore, with the CVT, a fuel saving of up to 22% can be achieved.

The advantage is not only a lower environmental impact, and therefore lower noise and reduced fuel consumption in the face of greater productivity, but it also provides greater comfort for the operator who does not need to use the brake (hydraulic deceleration) so much, resulting in less wheel slip with a positive impact on running costs on tyre wear, brake wear and extended axle oil life.

The DX225LC-7X - First ‘Smart’ Excavator with Trimble Guidance Control
Presented as a world preview at the 2022 edition of Bauma, the new DX225LC-7X - the first ‘Smart’ crawler excavator from DEVELON - has been designed to make work even more efficient and faster. This achievement is made possible by the DX225LC-7X's exciting new standard features, most notably the new FEH (Full Electric Hydraulic) Joystick control technology.

DEVELON excavators distinguish themselves from competitors on the market by the large number of innovative features offered as standard. But the new DX225LC-7X takes this to a new level. In addition to the FEH system, the DX225LC-7X also includes a series of smart features that stand out for being totally designed in-house and integrated into the machine display which, as the only interface, communicates with the operator for maximum ease of use:

  • VBO hydraulics providing the maximum hydraulic efficiency available today
  • Machine Guidance/2D visual and audible excavation guidance
  • Machine Control/Semi-automatic 2D excavation assistance
  • Laser receiver
  • E-Fence virtual wall
  • Weighing system
  • Bucket anti-intrusion system on tracks and cab
  • Dynamic lifting aid safety system
  • Fully customizable joysticks

With the latest development in the DX225LC-7X, the machine now comes standard with Trimble 3D ready, the first aftermarket 3D system for semi-automated dig assistance.
Excavators equipped with this innovative system can work in semi-automatic mode even in 3D, without the need to take reference points and allowing operators to dig according to project specifications, gaining speed and eliminating costly remakes.

While DEVELON machines can be observed working in the outdoor area, the latest developments in the company’s range of excavators, loaders and dumpers are being exhibited on Stand L1-M2 in Hall 10, in the static display.

First Time for DEVELON Brand in Italy at SaMoTer 2023

New DX20ZE electric mini-excavator

SaMoTer provides the perfect platform to show, for the first time in Italy, the new DX20ZE two tonne electric mini-excavator, which will soon be followed by other mini-excavators with electric power trains entirely developed in-house by DEVELON. This machine combines its safe, silent and zero emission design with the successful characteristics and high performance of its diesel equivalent.

At just 950 mm wide, the new DX20ZE is ideal for working in confined space, interior applications such as demolition and basement construction. In addition to indoor projects, this mini-excavator is optimal for operating in urban centres and in low-noise areas and for night-time work.

The DX20ZE is powered by a powerful internally developed 20 kWh lithium-ion battery pack with the highest density available on the market today, as well as having an electrical system with machine components optimized for work in harsh environments. It has an autonomy of about 5 hours with an average workload and has a quick charge system that restores 80% of the battery charge after only an hour and a half of charging, while the on-board charger restores the maximum charge after eight hours of charging.

DL85-7 representing the new compact loaders
Another feature of the DEVELON stand is the new DL85-7 wheel loader representing the recently launched range of 5 compact wheel loaders models (DL60-7, DL65-7, DL80-7, DL85-7 and DL80TL-7).

These new compact machines set the reference standard in their category for productivity, flexibility, comfort, safety and reliability, offering a complete package of modern technologies, including:

  • A powerful Stage V engine
  • Four-wheel drive hydrostatic transmission
  • 100% differential lock on both axles
  • Powerful and versatile hydraulic system
  • Large lifting capacity and reliable stability

DX100W-7 compact wheeled excavator
DEVELON is also presenting the new 10.7 tonne DX100W-7 wheeled excavator, which offers a high-performance solution for customers looking for a machine specifically designed for work in urban areas and road maintenance.

As well as agility in confined spaces, the DX100W-7 offers the highest safety and specifications on the market. The integral 1.35 tonne counterweight ensures the highest stability for lifting work in combination with the articulated boom and long arm, which together provide a larger working range than other machines in this class, despite having similar boom and arm lengths. The counterweight also has a novel design, offering the best maintenance access in the industry, from the rear of the machine and from ground level.

The articulated boom ensures that the operator is able to position the machine as close as possible to trucks during loading. In addition, the DX100W-7 offers maximised lifting capacities and digging forces, as well as satisfying a requirement in some countries for a wheeled excavator with a travelling height of under 4 m.

First Time for DEVELON Brand in Italy at SaMoTer 2023

DEVELON DX63-7 mini-excavator

Also in the spotlight is the new DEVELON DX63-7 6 tonne mini-excavator. Along with the new DX62R-7 6 tonne and DX85R-7 8 tonne models, these three models have been designed to offer performance levels, versatility, operator comfort, robustness, durability and ease of maintenance at the top of their respective classes.

The space available in the ROPS cabs in the DX62R-7, DX63-7 and DX85R-7 mini-excavators is similar to that of the cabs of much larger medium and heavy machines. The cab becomes an immersive work environment aided by the visibility available, thanks to the fully glazed door and the three standard LED lights. The HVAC system and the DAB Audio can be controlled through the 8 inch touch screen and the feed from the optional rear view camera can be displayed on the latter. The monitor also shows the flow rate setting for the 10 step control system using the thumbwheel joystick.

DX245NHD-7 crawler excavator
The DEVELON DX245NHD-7 25 tonne heavy duty crawler excavator, with its 6-cylinder DEVELON DL06V engine, is a machine designed for the most demanding applications. Specially designed for the Italian market, the excavator is now in demand in many other European countries.

Whilst it is a real 25 tonne excavator, the DX245NHD-7 incorporates 30 tonne class undercarriage components - the chains, rollers, sprocket and the chassis itself are oversized to increase the working lifetime of the machine, even on the toughest jobs.

In the DX245NHD-7, the new features include a heavy 5.0 tonne standard counterweight particularly suited for working with heavier attachments such as tiltrotators. The heavier counterweight also contributes to the higher lifting and digging capacities of the DX245NHD-7. The DX245NHD-7 also incorporates as standard a new lifting eye that forms part of the casting for the push link for the bucket attachment at the end of the arm. The new lifting eye has a maximum capacity of 5 tonne and has a special bush insert to prevent deformation of the lifting hole.

First Time for DEVELON Brand in Italy at SaMoTer 2023

DA30-7 Articulated Dump Truck

At SaMoTer, DEVELON is also proud to exhibit the DA30-7 Stage V articulated dump truck (ADT), with a payload of 28 tonne. As well as the DA30-7, the DEVELON ADT range comprises another 6x6 model, the larger DA45-7 Stage V model with a payload of 41 tonne. The range was extended at Bauma 2022 with the launch of a new 4x4 version of the DA45-7 ADT, intended to compete with rigid dump trucks (RDTs) in the 40-tonne class.

Like all DEVELON ADTs, the DA30-7 and DA45-7 models feature an articulation hinge positioned behind the turning ring to provide equal weight distribution to the front axle even during maximum steer articulation. This combined with a free-swinging rear tandem bogie ensures equal distribution of weight to each wheel and guarantees permanent 6-wheel contact and drive for equal power distribution and excellent performance particularly on difficult terrains such as soft ground, uneven surfaces, very steep slopes, tight turns or a combination of all of these difficult conditions.

In the new 4x4 ADT, the front truck and cab unit is the same as in the original 6x6 model, with modifications being made on the rear dumper unit only. Featuring a ZF EP8-420 transmission, the 4x4 DA45-7 is a two-axle ADT with twin wheels at the rear, and with a dumper section similar to that on RDTs in the 40-tonne class.

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