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Construction and Renovation Using Equipment Supplied by Conrad

Sourcing construction supplies in one place: professional equipment by leading brands ensures work efficiency and safety in challenging environments.

Construction and Renovation Using Equipment Supplied by Conrad

More efficiency and safety in Construction & Renovation: Using the Conrad Sourcing Platform to buy professional equipment by leading brands from one supplier.

  • 3M: ensuring work safety across all tasks
  • Bosch: one battery pack to power them all – flexibility across the board
  • Fein: a tool suitable for 1000 different tasks

For 100 years, Conrad have been standing for technology and electronics. Nowadays, the company operates as a sourcing platform, offering all parts of success when it comes to the procurement of technical supplies. “Business customers get precisely what they need to complete their projects and to run their business successfully,” explains Michael Schlagenhaufer, Senior Director Core Electronics at Conrad Electronic. “Which also applies to the building and renovation sector as our platform supplies durable high-quality tools, making the purchase of construction equipment a straightforward process. Which means contractors on a building site can focus on things that matter.”

Ensuring Work Safety Across All Tasks
In terms of occupational health and safety, 3M have become a staple of the product range supplied by the Conrad Sourcing Platform. Based in the USA, the brand has a long history when it comes to helping create a safe working environment: when Neil Amstrong set foot upon the moon, some of his equipment was made by 3M. These days, innovative products released by the technology giant are found in every aspect of our lives, including the workplace, healthcare and engineering. Talking about construction, civil engineering, renovation and everything in between: building contractors face complex challenges, each posing specific health hazards such as head and eye injuries, hearing loss, falls and exposure to toxic substances and UV. To minimise these risks, 3M are working very hard to improve their personal protective equipment and the comfiness of wearing it.

One Battery Pack to Power Them All – Flexibility Across the Board
Cordless tool ecosystems using one battery to multiple products give you a wide range of options when you are on a job. This is why Bosch Professional have established the AMPShare scheme that isn’t limited to one brand: it allows operating tools made by numerous well-known manufacturers using one common 18V rechargeable battery pack. Thanks to the increasing number of brands signing up to the scheme, building contractors are able to power more and more tools using one battery pack and, therefore, expand their 18V equipment in a dynamical way.

A Tool Suitable for 1000 Different Tasks
FEIN’s cordless Multimeter series, namely their 500, 700 and 700 1.7 lines, comes with a battery interface that supports the 18V AMPShare system. Sawing, grinding, polishing, cutting, filing, scraping and cleaning: originally designed 50 years ago, FEIN Multimaster tools are now used by carpenters and interior refurbishing contractors all across the world. Moreover, metal fabrication and engineering companies opt for FEIN’s bestselling product when it comes to custom jobs.

More information centred around Construction and Renovation as well as practical examples illustrating the use of above brands are available here.

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