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Enhancing Excavator Safety: Integrating Auto Stop Technology with Advanced 2D Systems

Prolec Safety Systems has introduced a revolutionary "One Screen" solution that significantly enhances Safety and Productivity (2D) in Construction.

Enhancing Excavator Safety: Integrating Auto Stop Technology with Advanced 2D Systems

Meeting Industry Demands
In response to the time-sensitive nature of the construction sector, Prolec, Europe's largest manufacturer of plant safety equipment, is set to make waves once again. Just over a year ago, Kinshofer's acquisition of Prolec marked a significant move in the industry. Today, 06th of February, Prolec is poised to take the construction industry by surprise once again. In a remarkable initiative, Prolec will become the first in the industry to seamlessly combine Safety and 2D Guidance on a single screen.

Overview of Prolec Safety Systems:
For the past 40 years, Prolec Safety Systems has been dedicated to engineering cutting-edge solutions that prioritise safety without compromising on productivity. Our unwavering commitment to innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction has led us to become a trusted leader in the industry. Prolec Safety Systems integrates Height and Slew Limiters with RCI (Rated Capacity Indicators) for comprehensive safety control. Our safety systems are designed to ensure operators maintain control within defined parameters, setting the standard for reliable and precise plant safety solutions.

A Shift in Dynamics
Prolec Safety Systems brings forth a transformative shift, replacing the complexities of dual screens with an all-encompassing solution. Imagine seamlessly integrating safety and productivity with automatic stops to prevent costly damages and cutting-edge 2D guidance.

Overview of Prolec 2D Guidance
Prolec 2D Guidance, a state-of-the-art technology, enhances construction productivity with unparalleled precision. The system provides real-time 2D guidance, empowering operators to achieve optimal digging accuracy. Prolec 2D Guidance minimises errors and enhances efficiency, reducing project timelines and costs, making it an indispensable tool for construction professionals aiming for unmatched precision.

Global Debut
Prolec 2D Guidance Options for PME400 and PME500

We are thrilled to announce the global debut of our groundbreaking integration, set to take place on the 6th of February. Kinshofer Prolec will become the first in the industry to seamlessly combine Safety and 2D Guidance on a single screen.

This revolutionary system will be available for firsthand experience at INTERMAT in Paris. Prolec 2D Guidance options include:

  • 2D Essentials (app only)
  • 2D Standard (bucket sensor + pitch and roll)

Unparalleled Advantages:

  • Precision digging with hazard avoidance
  • Automatic grade checking
  • Rework cost elimination
  • Swift and straightforward installation
  • Reduced co-worker risk
  • Industry-leading screen for optimal ease
  • Plug and play - no antenna required
  • Uncompromising safety with a dedicated safety ECU

Why Prolec Stands Out
Prolec PME Safety and 2D add-in solution removes the need for moving hardware between machines. It utilises existing, securely anchored hardware for safety across all tasks, offering a cost-effective choice. This shift ensures safety and productivity seamlessly integrate, going beyond a checkbox approach. The system halts the machine automatically when hazard thresholds are reached, ensuring an unprecedented level of safety for both personnel and infrastructure.

Endorsement from CTA Training Academy:

  • "A brilliant piece of kit."
  • "Potential to save significant hours."
  • "Cost-effective by minimizing labour requirements."
  • "User-friendly, everything at your fingertips."

Upgrade in the Field Option
For those already benefiting from Prolec safety, our upgrade in the field option maximises cost-effectiveness, utilising current hardware and preparing the machine for diverse projects.

Trusted Distribution Network
Prolec Safety Systems has collaborated with trusted distributors across the UK who are well-equipped to support with new sales and existing customer upgrade inquiries. For their contact details, please reach out to Prolec directly.

Prolec - Where Safety Meets Efficiency
This isn't just a product; it's a game-changing advancement. Prolec offers a dedicated safety ECU. There is a clean separation between safety and guidance functions. Lead the industry in combined efficiency and safety on a singular screen, making it not just a smart investment but a commercial triumph.

Prolec - Elevating Safety to Priority
Experience an all-in-one-screen solution, encompassing Height & Slew limiters, RCI, and 2D Digging Guidance in a single, user-friendly interface. Prolec Safety Systems is setting a new benchmark for safety and productivity in the construction domain.

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