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VIA showcases VIA Mobile360 M810 DOD (Dynamic Object Detection) System at CIMVITL21

VIA Technologies, Inc. today announced that it will showcase the VIA Mobile360 M810 DOD (Dynamic Object Detection) System at the CIMVITL21 (Canadian Institute of Mining Virtual Convention and Expo) from 3 – 6 May 2021.

VIA showcases VIA Mobile360 M810 DOD (Dynamic Object Detection) System at CIMVITL21
  • Minimize risk of accidents and equipment damage in the world’s most hazardous quarries, mines, and construction sites independent of lighting and weather conditions
  • Empower vehicle operators with customizable real-time audio and visual alerts of detected safety threats
  • Leverage flexible camera, radar, and ultrasonic sensor fusion customization options to optimize installations for vehicles of all types and sizes

This robust and powerful system enhances the situational awareness of operators of heavy mining vehicles and equipment while eliminating blind spots and potential collision points independent of the prevailing weather and lighting conditions. Highlights include:

  • High-resolution 360° Visual Monitoring of objects and recording using VIA Mobile360 SVS (Surround View System) technology and four FOV-190° cameras. Panoramic views of up to 120 feet around the vehicle are displayed in real-time on an in-cabin display, providing operators with the smart visual intelligence they need to maneuver their vehicle more effectively and react more quickly to unexpected safety threats.
  • Dynamic Object Detection using 77GHz mmWave radar providing 270° coverage with optional ultrasonic sensor fusion support to eliminate radar blind spots.
  • Unique Tri-Band Surround View visual indicator to draw the operator’s attention to the area immediately around the vehicle. To facilitate decision-making, the Tri-Band viewer features three distinctly colored bands that indicate the imminence of the safety threat. The range of these bands can be customized to fit the vehicle size and required detection coverage.
  • Customizable Sound Alerts that are triggered when an intruding object is detected close to the pre-determined danger zone around the vehicle.

“With its leading-edge vision and radar sensor fusion technologies, the VIA Mobile360 M810 DOD System makes it safer to operate heavy vehicles and equipment in the world’s harshest terrains,” said Richard Brown, VP International Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. “Flexible customization options mean that the system can be optimized for the most demanding environments and a full range of day and night-time conditions.”

VIA is demonstrating a broad array of highly customizable VIA Mobile360 solutions that boost mining safety using the most advanced camera AI and sensor fusion technologies at CIMVITL21. Highlights include:
VIA Mobile360 M810 System
VIA Mobile360 M820 System
VIA Mobile360 AI Mining Safety Kit
VIA Mobile360 D700 AI Dash Cam

To learn more about CIMVITL21, please click here.

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