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First Bobcat MaxControl Remote Control System in Spain

Obras y Construcciones Corbera, a construction and earthmoving company based in Corbera de Llobregat (Barcelona), is the first business in Spain and one of the first in Europe, to purchase Bobcat’s new MaxControl remote control system. MaxControl is an exclusive hardware kit from Bobcat, which combined with an iOS application allows the operator to control Bobcat compact loaders remotely, using an iPhone or iPad.

First Bobcat MaxControl Remote Control System in Spain

Obras y Construcciones Corbera was introduced to the MaxControl system by Bobcat Of, the Authorised Bobcat Dealer for the area. The company was very struck by the versatility that this application could give them thanks to the total visibility of the working space that is offers and, above all, the safety and security provided by this new way of working.

This has been particularly useful in some concrete projects as the peripheral vision of the work is considerably improved by being outside the machine. MaxControl has allowed the company to carry out special jobs that require greater safety, working in confined spaces and with little visibility. The system also helps in demolition and in finishing new pavements, providing the company with more precise finishes and in less time.

MaxControl has provided greater reliability and precision when loading and unloading machines onto trailers for transfer to other sites. Obras y Construcciones Corbera is convinced that the system improves safety, a factor that is more and more important every day on the job site and offers direct benefits for both operators and employers alike. In addition, it helps to avoid damage to machines through collisions with objects, since by being outside the loader the operator can better see where they are driving.

‘It's like driving a remote-controlled car’
“It's fantastic, very easy to assemble and disassemble, and to use - it's like driving a remote-controlled car, but always with great care," says Eduard Heredia, Manager of Obras y Construcciones Corbera.

He continues: “In just a few hours I had mastered the operation of the loader through my own iPhone - I would definitely highlight the safety aspects. The MaxControl system is very useful and versatile as I can use it with the bucket or with a variety of Bobcat attachments to carry out different tasks safely such as clearing with a brush or using a wheel saw. Also, I only have a Bobcat tracked loader at the moment, but in the future I might buy a skid-steer model and I will be able to work with the MaxControl with both machines.”

Very easy to Install, with all the details on your mobile phone screen
It is very easy to connect to the MaxControl system - the user simply puts the receiver on top of the loader’s cab and the emergency stop button on the back of the machine - both have a built-in magnet for quick placement. The engine cover can then be opened and the cables for the system hooked up to the machine's diagnostic connector.

The next step is to download the MaxControl application on the mobile phone and once downloaded, the Bobcat dealer can give the customer access to the MaxControl kit. After these steps are completed, the operator simply connects to the wi-fi system of the machine and can start operating it remotely.

Once installed, the operator can access the main machine information on the screen of the mobile or tablet, while the intuitive controls allow them to operate both the machine and attachments with ease. This allows errors to be easily identified thanks to the maintenance codes that appear directly on the mobile device. And machine diagnostics are available that communicate all the important information about the carrier and access can be given to the machine to multiple end users, allowing for a quick change of operators.

Transforming two person jobs into solo tasks
On a recent project using MaxControl, Obras y Construcciones Corbera carried out filling in work with earth in a large underground area of ​​about 1000 m3 under a school yard to protect the safety of the students. Mounted on a Bobcat T590 track loader, the MaxControl was used to drive the machine remotely through a small opening and down an underground corridor to the filling area. Thanks to MaxControl, any blind spots were eliminated, with full visibility at all times and increased awareness of the surrounding environment. This work was therefore carried out in a couple of weeks with the T590, much more quickly than it would have been by alternative methods using smaller machinery.

Resulting in increased safety, comfort, quality, speed and profitability
In remote areas with little connectivity, such as this underground passage, the system keeps the operator registered for 12 hours of operation and works in a range of up to 100 m.

As for the Bobcat T590 compact loader, it is ideal for this type of task with very limited space, thanks to its compact size, its manoeuvrability, its stability, providing excellent power, breakout force and lifting capacity for handling the fill material. It combines this with high specifications, shorter cycles and faster turns.

Bobcat continues as always to offer new solutions, integrating products and technologies for the market, entering new categories and to promote innovations based on meeting customer needs, and the new MaxControl system is undoubtedly the latest proof of this commitment.

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