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Polish crane rental company Petrolift expands fleet with 21 new Grove cranes

Robert Baran Crane Group Petrolift is expanding its crane fleet with a package of 21 new Grove all-terrain cranes as the demand increases for more varied lifting support. Historically, Petrolift is a long-time fan of Grove’s popular six-axle, 300 t capacity cranes. The company owns more than 40 300 t all-terrains and was the first customer in Poland to own an extensive fleet of Grove GMK6300L-1 cranes.
Polish crane rental company Petrolift expands fleet with 21 new Grove cranes

Brian Regan, Manitowoc; Aaron Ravenscroft, Manitowoc; Robert Baran, Robert Baran Crane Group Petrolift; Thomas Steuer, Manitowoc; David Semple, Manitowoc

  • Petrolift is a long-time user of Grove all-terrain cranes and has now added 21 new Grove cranes for 2024 to expand its product offerings.
  • The company opted for Grove because of its high lifting capacities and proven reliability.
  • A mix of four-, five-, and six-axle Grove cranes will join the company’s fleet this year.

“We love the GMK6300L-1,” said Robert Baran, founder and CEO of Robert Baran Crane Group Petrolift. “It’s extremely reliable and powerful, and a proven best-in-class machine. Now we’re at a stage where we need to expand our offerings; it was natural to turn to Grove and we are looking forward to seeing the advantages and versatility of our new models paying off on jobsites across Europe.”

The first cranes in the latest order have already been delivered and set to work on several projects, including installing wind turbines and working on petrochemical and chemical plants where their compact dimensions and footprint are highly advantageous.

“It’s great to see such a loyal customer expanding its partnership with us. Our product reliability and top-notch customer support have crafted this opportunity, and we look forward to seeing the new Grove cranes at work,” said Aaron Ravenscroft, president and CEO of Manitowoc.

Polish crane rental company Petrolift expands fleet with 21 new Grove cranes
Petrolift is a long-time fan of Grove’s GMK6300L-1 model for its proven reliability and high lifting capacities.

The Grove all-terrains are powerful workhorses, suitable for a variety of applications, thanks to their unique MEGAFORM® boom design, high capacities, compact dimensions, and excellent maneuverability.

“We’re happy to extend our partnership with Petrolift. The company has an excellent reputation and is a great customer for us. We’ve built a strong relationship over the years and it’s exciting to help the company expand its Grove lineup,” said Thomas Steuer, vice president of sales for Central Europe and the Benelux region at Manitowoc.

Polish crane rental company Petrolift expands fleet with 21 new Grove cranes
The company’s latest Grove cranes are at work on various sites, from stadium construction to wind turbine installation and petrochemical/chemical plant projects.

Founded by Robert Baran, Petrolift’s headquarters are in Debica with a newly opened sub-facility in Gdańsk, Poland. Petrolift is a family-owned business; Robert works with his father, Jan Baran, a seasoned crane industry professional with over 58 years of experience. With their extensive fleet of all-terrain and crawler cranes, Petrolift offers crane services for jobsites across Poland and Europe. The company is one of the leading crane rental companies in Poland and has supplied equipment to every refinery, power plant, and wind farm built in the country. It is also highly active in the country’s major ports.

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