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BYG Delivers Cast Blades

Recently, BYG has delivered cast blades to Brazil for the D475 machine.
BYG Delivers Cast Blades

These blades are available in different sections, which facilitates installation, maintenance, handling and storage.

BYG’s cast blades are made from rolled steel and hardened to provide superior wear resistance to meet the demands of various industrial applications. The company offers two main types of blades: standard blades, intended for general purpose use, and cast blades, designed to withstand high abrasion and impact conditions.

BYG’s cast blades are distinguished by their remarkable reinforcement around the entire perimeter. In addition, the cast corner pieces have a rib that reinforces the tip, providing greater resistance to breakage and extending the service life of the parts. This feature is essential for applications requiring high performance and durability in extreme conditions.

To facilitate handling, the castings include one or more rings. Also, these blades are machined at the back to ensure a perfect fit on the original machinery.

BYG has a wide range of cast blades and end bits, suitable for mounting complete equipment on bulldozers and graders. BYG cast blades are available for the following equipment:
  • Caterpillar Bulldozers: D11, D10, D9, D8
  • Komatsu Bulldozers: D375, D475
  • Caterpillar bulldozers: 14H, 14M, 16H, 16M, 160H, 160M, 24H, 24M
In addition to those mentioned above, BYG offers special blades for high abrasion conditions, which provide greater resistance to breakage and wear compared to laminated blades, made from profiles or sheet metal.

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